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About us

Established in 1824 as the Glasgow Young Men’s Society for Religious Purposes, Ypeople, is one of the oldest charities in Scotland. With nearly two hundred years of work in Glasgow and the surrounding area, the history of Ypeople is closely tied with the history of the city, of Scotland and of the wider world.

Ypeople has carried out its work during the rise and fall of Empire, through the Boer War, the first and second world wars, the great depression, and the rise and decline of heavy industry on the Clyde. It has worked through many social and economic changes and, in relatively recent history, the demolition of the Gorbals and the creation of vast housing estates on the periphery of the city and of the new towns. Ypeople has, over nearly two centuries, welcomed and worked with successive waves of incomers to the city from rural and island Scotland, from Ireland, from Europe, Asia and Africa. The Organisation has adapted in response to need. Alongside many successes there have been challenges of funding and of purpose. However, Ypeople has survived during the 19th and the 20th centuries and has entered the 21st ready to continue its work and to confront, with commitment and enthusiasm, the changes to come.

Mission Statement

Ypeople is an independent Charity which delivers support services to vulnerable people helping them to adapt to change and to improve their quality of life.

Core Values

We believe that in order to fulfil our Mission:

We are committed to providing high quality services.
We are committed to recognising the right of individuals and treating them with respect.
We will encourage all who are involved with the Organisation to participate in the life of the Organisation.
We are committed to working in an all inclusive culture which values diversity and challenges all forms of discrimination.
We are committed to enhancing the environment in which we provide services.
Ypeople Glasgow today


Ypeople is one of the leading suppliers of supported accommodation services for vulnerable people, providing services across the Central and North West Scotland. A major focus of the support that we offer across all of our work is social inclusion and employability. We work in partnership with our funders and with our service users to deliver services. A full list of our services can be found under What We Do.

Annual report

Ypeople’s Annual Report for 2010-11 discusses achievements made throughout the year, successes and challenges. It was a very busy year and you can read the highlights here.