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Established in 1824 as the Glasgow Young Men's Society for Religious Purposes at a time of great social change and need, Ypeople was the very first in what was to become an international network of Christian associations. The aim was to offer young men a place of friendship, safety and good adult guidance to help them build their lives.

Over nearly two centuries Ypeople has worked with many generations of young people, families and vulnerable people from rural and island Scotland, from Ireland, from Europe, Asia and Africa.

Today, we continue to build on this tradition of public services and continue to challenge social inequality and to respond to the needs of communities.

The charity has grown and developed services across Scotland and now operates 17 services in Glasgow, Falkirk, South Lanarkshire, Edinburgh, Orkney and East Dunbartonshire.

Ypeople now extends support to a range of people including children, young people and families and those whose lives have been affected by homelessness.

Annual report

View and new 190th Anniversiary Report